Women Against Rape, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Exploitation (WARSHE) is a Non-Governmental, not-for-profit making organization, which was inaugurated in October 1998, and is headquartered at Obafemi Awolowo University, in Ile-Ife, Nigeria. The idea of an organization to assist victims of sexual violence and abuse came about as a result of the increased

  • whispered instances and
  • human rights and media reportage of incidents of rape, sexual harassment, child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation in institutions of learning; in workplaces; on the streets in both rural areas and urban centers; in gynaecology clinics; in religious places; in prisons; in conflict situations and in some homes.

The trustees, the Co-ordinating Council, the staff and the volunteers of WARSHE are convinced that victims of sexual violence and abuse need an organizational structure that is unencumbered by deeply held convictions and or prejudices that: consider victims as deserving of their ordeals; consider certain matters unworthy or too private to be pursued; or consider that certain matters are “normal” male-female interactions. WARSHE provides the much needed organizational structure for victims of sexual violence and abuse. WARSHE is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, under the Companies and Allied Matters Decree No. 1 1990 (part C- Incorporated Trustees). Her registration No. is: CAC/6/INTC/7768.

TIWALOLA was the theme of the WARSHE 10th year anniversary celebrations held on 3rd December 2008 at the Ogunbanjo Community Centre, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. Tiwalola is a Yoruba word which translates to: “tomorrow is ours” or “we claim ownership of tomorrow”. TIWALOLA therefore represented and still represents our dreams and hopes for Nigerian women and the possibilities that the challenges they face present. WARSHE is headquartered in Ile-Ife, a town considered to be the source/origin of the Yorubas.

Our Goals

Goal 1

Provide human, material and emotional support for victims of rape, sexual harassment ;

Goal 2

Assist victims of rape, sexual harassment and sexual exploitation to obtain justice;

Goal 3

Educate girls and women on the subject of rape, sexual harassment and sexual exploitation; and what to do when they happen;

Goal 4

Help girls and women to prevent rape, sexual harassment and sexual exploitation;

Goal 5

Publish rape, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation reports and other relevant documents, and distribute widely;

Goal 6

Carry out research studies that are directly related to the work of the organization


Talk to us, we are always ready to help: +234803-407-8730