The WARSHE Resource Centre

WARSHE has a small resource center with textbooks, periodicals, training packages, audio tapes and video tapes that focus mainly on rape, sexual harassment and child sexual abuse. There are others that focus on other women issues and adult education and learning.

The resource center was conceived as an integral part of the education, prevention and coping strategies that the organization hopes it can use to help girls and women deal with the problem of sexual violence and abuse. Since the inception of the organization in 1998, the Coordinating Council of the Organization has attempted to build collections that will help the organization in the pursuit of the goals of the organization. At some point, the thinking was that we ought to charge users a token for using WARSHE materials. We have been charging for the usage of the materials, and the money is remitted to the WARSHE Rehabilitation Fund (WRF), the account from which the organization funds some of her rehabilitation work.

Two and a half years into the work of WARSHE, we mounted an exhibition of the materials that were available at the resource centre. About two years after the exhibition, as we were thinking of how to promote interest in the work of WARSHE and the use of her resource materials, we raised the question of raising funds to further equip the resource center and had written a proposal to this effect. It was about this time that the call for application for the Course: Managing NGO Resource Centers came to our notice. A member of the Coordinating Council of WARSHE attended the course, and we thought the course was timely. The Adult Learning Documentation and Information Network (ALADIN) of UNESCO Institute for Education, Hamburg, sponsored WARSHE for this capacity building programme at the Coady International Institute, Antigonish, Canada. ALADIN has since registered WARSHE as a member; WARSHE is listed on the ALADIN website, she is on ALADIN list serve and receives UNESCO books and documents from ALADIN.